$TREATS Utility Token

The purpose of $TREATS is to power the HOKK Ecosystem and our future development roadmap inclusive of: HOKK Pay, HOKK Wallet, and HOKK Remit.
Our vision is to establish HOKK Pay and Remit as the MasterCard, Visa and TransferWise of the Global Payments and Remittance industry on the blockchain. We believe along with our partners that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology will replace traditional finance, as such we are positioning ourselves to be pioneers of crypto payments for goods and services.
$TREATS will enable frictionless and affordable transfers of tokens between users on HOKKFi, without any tax. While $TREATS will initially go through an inflationary phase as users begin to stake their tokens, $TREATS will eventually have a fixed maximum supply in circulation, boosting its long-term price.

Initial Utility

  • Staking on the Treats platform

Future Utility Plans

  • One of the first utilities will be voting/governance of the HOKK Ecosystem going forward
  • Payment and remittance system token
  • Multi chain


TREATS: 0xb4e1bba882e1058dC9088c69F26f832394caBc77