HOKK Bridge V2 (Telegraph) Soft Launch.
Launch on main-net for various chains, initial use of bridge, edge cases.
Developers begin to use the bridge in a lightweight capacity.
Telegraph developer community growth across various chains.
Launch the Telegraph Discord for developer support.
Edge cases and hackathons help discover new products, use cases for Telegraph.
Telegraph + HOKK community developer tenders.
Create tenders for contributing developers to help build out HOKKFi and the Telegraph expansion.
Developers will be rewarded in $HOKK for contributing to the ecosystem.
Telegraph chain inclusion growth with a target of 10+ chains by Q4
Target blockchains for informal/formal partnerships, grants, investments, and most importantly, to market Telegraph to their developer communities.
Developers building on Telegraph and supporting the growth of the bridge from blockchain communities including Polygon, Ethereum, Binance, Heco, Concordium, Aptos, Solana, Avalanche, Arbitrum.
Telegraph formal launch announcement for main net open to larger transactions.
Various social media, formal media publications.
Focus shifts to adoption. Telegraph is at a stage for mainstream adoption with a very secure and developed infrastructure and ecosystem.
HOKK Migrates V1 bridge to Telegraph.
Retire UI pointing to V1 infrastructure and begin use of Telegraph.
Shows the product is mature to put out multi-million projects on it.
Versus Metaverse launches using Telegraph.
Versus smart contracts begin to be pointed to the Telegraph Port contracts on respective chains Versus will operate in.
All on-chain activity which requires cross-chain sync, will pass through Telegraph thus larger adoption and use.
Telegraph hackathon for interoperability use cases.
Hackathon creates use cases, perhaps new products and ideas (such was the case with NFT’s) for cross-chain.
Further adoption of Telegraph and meaningfulness in the space.