Bridge V1 Overview

HOKK Bridge URL:

HOKKFi’s Bridge is a lightweight node system that relies on the existing full nodes of supported blockchains. On each chain is what's known as a 'port' contract that all contracts interact with. The open aspect is that anyone will be able to call the port contracts, making it a public function/contract. The validators listen to events from these port contracts and relay the messages to the destination smart contract determined by the initial smart contract. It allows for easy cross-chain communication between smart contracts on EVM chains and non EVM chains.

The most pertinent issue when discussing the use of cross-chain bridges is accessibility. Developers that implement the bridge will not have to ask for any permission or sign up on any site. They can simply implement the code and test. With low fees and an easy to implement API, the bridge can become the go to source for easy cross-chain functionality.

The bridge also aims to allow cross-chain wallet management with non-EVM/ non-smart chains through the use of multiparty computation and threshold signatures. This will allow a smart contract to be able to generate ECDSA/EDDSA addresses (for example) and have control of that address through the use of the bridge validators.

Bridging HOKK

The bridge allows you to transfer you HOKK tokens between any of the 3 chains, ETH + BSC + HECO

  • Fees to use the Bridge are as follows: - Origination chain + Destination chain gas + $30 bridge fee (NB: Fees are paid in the native token of the origination chain)

  • Process See step by step guide below

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