Telegraph Overview

Telegraph, makes cross-chain communication for smart contracts across multiple blockchains, both easily accessible and affordable.

Current blockchain bridge node networks keep their systems behind registrations and approvals, which in turn stifles innovation as smaller developers are unable to take their smart contracts to the next level.

With HOKKFi, developers will finally have a cross-chain bridge and ecosystem that they can integrate into their project with a few lines of code and no registration required. Rather than downloading the full blockchain, validators will use external full node providers to communicate with the chains in question, keeping the validators lightweight and fast to set up.

In order to ensure that the number of network validators does not increase exponentially, the bridge will implement a one-time dynamic increasing fee for each new validator, paid in the ERC-20 version of the HOKK Finance ($HOKK). This is a non-refundable payment that locks the tokens indefinitely, and sets a mapping within the main port contract to true. When validator-to-validator communications occur, incoming messages will have to be accompanied with a valid signature from an address that has paid its validator fee. Validators will be rewarded with a percentage from the fee of each successfully transmitted message. This resource will be an openly accessible/open-sourced ecosystem, a model which does not exist in bridges today.

Although the bridge is an openly accessible/open-sourced ecosystem, HOKKFi is dedicated to improving and marketing the bridge with a portion of the generated fees going directly to a wallet controlled by our entity. Code updates made by this entity are not unilateral and would still require the approval of a majority of the validators. This ensures that the bridge continues to consistently grow without the fear of a hostile takeover by a malicious individual or group.

More detail: Telegraph Cross-Chain Bridge

Diagram: Process flow for Telegraph

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