Premium Overview

HOKK Premium V1 is a Reward Protocol Aggregator Platform supporting ETH, USDC and HOKK NFT’s staking for reward in stablecoin as offered by protocols such as YFI, Compound, AAVE, etc

  • Users are empowered to choose pre-set lockup periods and be issued with estimations of their monthly reward.

  • The smart contract will send the crypto to aggregator contracts like YFI, where it will be lent out for continuous rewards.

  • This reward is then periodically claimed by the contract and converted into a stable token to preserve its value.

  • Each user is able to view their initial crypto, its current APY, their percentage of the total pool, and their current reward.

  • To incentivize early participation, each deposit claims a minimal fee from the capital which is then deposited into the reward pool, instantly adding to the reward of earlier crypto providers.

  • An additional 1% fee is placed in the HOKK Finance ETH liquidity pool to maintain the token’s strong growth as the crypto pool expands.

  • HOKK Finance introduced a commemorative NFT mint as part of the launch of Premium. This mint served as a kickstart in liquidity, locking in ETH and providing each individual NFT with utility through HOKK ecosystem interactions.

The ecosystems reward aggregator is designed to help users earn maximum returns on their crypto assets. As HOKK Premium further devbelops, the reward aggregator will automatically search for the best rewards across multiple DeFi platforms and allocate the assets to generate the highest returns. Users will be able to earn passive income without having to manually search for the best reward opportunities.

While DEFI solutions is a focus for HOKK Premium, traditional institutions in the business of Reward Management have reached out to HOKK. It’s possible in the future that traditional financial products such as pensions could leverage HOKK Premium for traditional and DEFI exposure of their portfolios.

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