The purpose of $HOKK is to be much like what Bitcoin did for an entire industry. We humbly want to achieve a multichain ecosystem that really anyone can connect to, use, and access from anywhere in the world. At the center of this, is the $HOKK token, which we regard as the ultimate utility token behind everything we develop.


  • Non refundable validator fee for Telegraph

  • Staking for ETH rewards


  • ETH HOKK: 0xe87e15b9c7d989474cb6d8c56b3db4efad5b21e8

  • BSC HOKK : 0xe87e15b9c7d989474cb6d8c56b3db4efad5b21e8

  • HECO HOKK: 0x4ebf49cc2d2dd029e5cfdf868316385dffd94c6a

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