Multi Chain Presence

The HOKK ecosystem is being built across three chains, in Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and HECO Chain. This will allow adoption of the HOKK ecosystem to come from these different communities. To this end the HOKK Ecosystem has over 60% of it’s supply reserved for future chains to further boost the reach of the HOKK ecosystem by means of different Layer 1 communities.
The Binance Smart Chain and Heco Chain provide a low-cost alternative to the high transactions fees that are experienced on the Ethereum network. HOKK will also use niche advantages and technological breakthroughs that these chains develop over the years to come taking advantage of these features to further enhance our ecosystem. These adoptions will be by way of upgradeable contracts currently implemented on HOKK Tokens and NFT’s
Users have the ability to switch between the three chains whenever they want by using the HOKKFi bridge. A bridge allows users to migrate their tokens between chains for a small fee.