NFT Overview


HOKK NFTs solidify HOKK Finance’s status as a community token that embraces industry utility. They are utility NFTs that take advantage of the true power of DeFi protocols to grant them perpetual value. Each NFT comes with its own set of unique stats and images.

HOKK NFTs are upgradable enabling them to grow with the HOKK ecosystem and changing regulations. Being able to upgrade NFTs as regulations change offers several benefits. In many jurisdictions the regulatory landscape around NFTs is still evolving, and this allows for change to be quickly and easily made in response to regulatory changes without having to create new NFTs. This in effect future proofs the HOKK NFTs and ensures ongoing compliance, reducing the risk of legal and regulatory issues in the future and ensuring the long term viability of the HOKK NFTs.


HOKK NFT’s + HOKK Premium – The DeFi angle to the NFT project is that up to 80% and no less than 50% of mint earning will go towards HOKK Premium’s reward pools which will be placed in protocols like YFI, Compound, AAVE, etc earning steady reward in stable coins. The remaining sum of the mint goes towards development of the NFT ecosystem.


  • 4,444 Unique NFTS

  • Up to 80% and not less than 50% of mint goes to HOKK Premium reward pools for all NFT holders

  • % of future Opensea sales will be added to the HOKK Premium reward pools

  • Available on the Ethereum blockchain

  • Roadmap giveaways

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