$TREATS Staking

In addition to its token utility, $TREATS is also a yield farming platform that enables $HOKK token holders to stake their $HOKK and generate our other utility token, $TREATS.
Holders are also able to stake their $TREATS to earn more $TREATS.
$TREATS Staking is accessible through the HOKK Finance portal (HOKKFi).
$HOKK holders can earn a passive yield with the generous APY on offer, further enhancing HOKK’s ecosystem by incentivizing users to hold the token.
HOKK (ETH) Single Farming will receive $treats and will also get ETH rewards from trading volume of HOKK. Liquidity Providers (LP) will receive x2 (minimum) more $TREATS than Single Staking based on certain locked value targets.

The staking / farming that is available on Treats is as follows:

  • HOKK (ETH) Single Farming
  • Treats (ETH) Single Farming

Key Points

  • The lock in period is for 6 months.
  • During the lock period, $TREATS rewards are locked for both Single Staking and LP.
  • You get your total amount of HOKK back if you unstake your $HOKK but will only receive a % of the $treats (rewards) based on the time you staked for (see fee schedule below), you will receive the remainder at the end of the lock up period.
  • A % of ETH HOKK Tax goes to single staking as a proportions of the total staking balance you hold (so it is based on the trading volume of HOKK). This only goes to Single Staking and not LP Providers. ETH earnt is claimable and will be paid in full as listed in the UI and does not have the 6-month lock. However, in claiming the single staking rewards for ETH, the $TREATS will be claimed at the same time and the deposit/withdrawal fee should be considered.
  • APY will vary based on pool participants and quantity of LP or single asset provided.
  • Any locked rewards are earnt and belong to the staker no matter what, even if they “claim”, the holder will see this balance of “Can Unlock Rewards” and this is across all participating pools.
  • Deposit and withdrawal fees are in the original token deposited, so HOKK or HOKK-ETH LP token.
  • The only place to track your staked tokens is in the HOKKFi UI. Because the rewards have to be claimed and the tokens staked are placed in the masterchef contract (a smart contract used to build staking pools), the only place to see this is in the HOKKFI UI where the mastercheft represents this data.

Staking Fees

Deposit fee is 0.75% always.
Withdrawal fee is calculated by the staked time (between staking and withdrawal) like the following.
Per the contract and following the Certik audit (https://www.certik.com/projects/hokkfinance), when users withdraw tokens in different stages, they need to pay different fees as below:
  • 25% fee for withdrawals of LP tokens in the same block.
  • 8% fee if a user deposits and withdraws in between same block and 59 minutes.
  • 4% fee if a user deposits and withdraws after 1 hour but before 1 day.
  • 2% fee if a user deposits and withdraws between after 1 day but before 3 days.
  • 1% fee if a user deposits and withdraws after 3 days but before 5 days.
  • 0.5% fee if a user deposits and withdraws if the user withdraws after 5 days but before 2 weeks.
  • 0.25% fee if a user deposits and withdraws after 2 weeks.
  • 0.1% fee if a user deposits and withdraws after 4 weeks.