The purpose of $HOKK is to be the Bitcoin of DeFi, decentralised, multichain, autonomous, and free from manipulation. $HOKK is the store of value in the HOKK Finance ecosystem.

Initial Utility

  • Staking for $TREATS
  • Store of Value
  • Automatic Burn Mechanism

Future Utility Plans

  • Voting and governance
  • HOKK Launch token
  • More… will continue to provide more utility as the ecosystem grows and regulations evolve.


  • ETH HOKK: 0xe87e15b9c7d989474cb6d8c56b3db4efad5b21e8
  • BSC HOKK : 0xe87e15b9c7d989474cb6d8c56b3db4efad5b21e8
  • HECO HOKK: 0x4ebf49cc2d2dd029e5cfdf868316385dffd94c6a