Future Products

HOKK Public Bridge

A BaaS (Blockchain as a Service), permissionless public bridge that enables any project owner access to a DEX UI, to seamlessly add their tokens to the bridge, add 20 lines of code, and bridge any token across any chain.

HOKK Wallet

The ultimate, universal crypto wallet empowering you to send and receive crypto to loved ones, pay for anything online or in store, accept crypto for your business, and track and manage your portfolio.
  • HOKK Pay
  • HOKK Remit

HOKK Launch

A community driven launch pad focused on helping early-stage, DeFi projects, where holders can use their $HOKK towards the most promising blockchain companies of the decade.

HOKK School & University

Online financial management and wealth creation courses for parents to help their children transition into the future of crypto.

HOKK Loans